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Twins and Multiples


A Baby Nurse that specializes in multiples can help ease the stress!

Most parents are overwhelmed when they are about to take home two, three or more newborns. Most multiples arrive a bit early - say (25 to 36 weeks) gestation or have a low birth weight and are considered preemies, and most times require special care. An experienced newborn care baby nurse is aware of the concerns regarding premature babies and will alert the parent if there is anything that is unusual, A Baby Nurse that is experienced with caring for multiples can teach the new parents how to feed ,bathe and care for two or more babies by setting schedules and making the day-to-day care run smoothly. She can also help with feeding. Premature babies need special attention and, sometimes are fed with supplement nursing systems so that they can gain the weight needed - ounce per day, the baby nurse will take time to feed the baby/babies making sure the newborn gets its nutrients to strive. It is also rear to find multiples that sleep at the same time and parents of multiples find it impossible to take of the simplest daily task or for the new mother to get some sleep A baby nurse can step in and give the parent needed rest or free time to ease the stress of caring for multiples. You can expect to pay $280-$550.00 a day or more for live-in (24 hour care) or $22-$35 per hour for the baby nurse service depending on her experience and distance travel.

You can expect your Baby Nurse or Newborn Specialist to be organized calm and experienced

  • Clean and sterilize bottles when not breastfeeding
  • Prepare formula and feed baby either by bottle of special nursing systems required for babies
  • Show mother bottle and breastfeeding positions for both babies and latch on tips
  • Keep a log of feedings and diaper change
  • Change clothes and beddings
  • Establish a feeding and sleeping schedule for babies
  • Bring babies and assist mom for night feeding if mom is breast feeding
  • Do nights feedings without waking the parent (if mom is not breastfeeding)
  • Do all express breast milk preparation and storage
  • Alert you when supplies are needed
  • Help with sibling or pet interaction
  • Have babies sleeping 8- 10 hours a night by the 3 month
  • Knowledgeable care of circumcision whether done by mohel / rabbi or done at the hospital
  • Provide mother with the right resources on child care
  • Train the new nanny
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